I feel like every time I actually force myself to take a moment to reflect it is like stepping out of or into the eye of the hurricane.  Chaos is all around but it is a wonderful feeling of peace.  These last few months have been amazing! Little McKenna is 9 months old trying to walk, chatting / babbling up a storm and teething.  Other than the occasional challenging day with those darn teeth she is a very happy baby.  Now that I think about it she is a lot like the building process.  90-95% of the time it is great and brings joy, 5-10% of the time you just wish you have the magic touch and could do whatever it takes to make it go back to the happy place.  Just like McKenna if you wait just a little bit it will be back in a happy place soon.

This year while being an amazing-whirlwind it has been a lesson in so many ways. The number one lesson has been patience; patience with jurisdictions, patience with clients, patience with buyers, patience with sellers, patience with new vendors, patience with old vendors, patience with new team members and probably most difficult patience with myself.  Like a lot you, starting a new project always starts with a plan in my world.  In parenting that plan can be as simple as leave the house by (insert time here LOL), in my business life it has been complete this development or home within this time.  As we know sometimes the best laid plans don’t quite work out.  Currently our project in Sellwood, Claybourne Commons is almost 7 months behind, that’s the bad news, the great news is we truly have a light at the end of the tunnel.  The City of Portland has issued the necessary permits and paperwork for us to wrap up the development and submit building permits shortly.  Potentially even more impressive is that there is still an amazing group of people who have stuck by us and want to be our first buyers.  How great is that?!?! I sometimes still struggle to see the simple lesson here and it has been an expensive and emotionally taxing delay but it could be as simple as “patience.”

Sometimes the lessons are so much more clear and obvious, here in a few weeks Anlon Construction, will be starting a home for an interesting client: my amazing wife, darling daughter and some crazy fella who thinks he knows what he wants. The lesson here that I will take forward to every home I build is communicate and for me this means listen, I mean really listen, not only for what is said but what is not said.  Just because I have build quite a few homes does not mean that I have built “your home”.  My main job is to help guide the journey, sometime this means take the wheel and sometimes it means just sit back, let the current do its job and enjoy the view.  We have been working with a creative designer who has helped translate what Bri wants as well as what I want into builder language.  It has been extremely helpful.  I just hope the build goes this smooth.  There will definitely be pictures to follow.

So all that being said I haven’t abandoned the idea of a plan, Anlon Construction still builds amazing homes on our lots or yours, on acreage property or infill lots.  We still develop projects we own or your own.  None of that has changed, just the idea that I get to control “the how,” “what” and “when” the next one will come across the desk.

I would love to talk to you or anyone you know that I may be able to help / work with.  Have an amazing day.

Mike Harn
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