Our Team

Mike Harn

Mike Harn

President - Owner

Growing up in the Portland area as the son of an HVAC contractor who became a builder and is now the senior mechanical inspector for the City of Portland, it’s no surprise that I chose building and development as my path. Some of my earliest memories are racing around crawl spaces and attics, helping my dad lay out the ductwork on jobs.

I got out of the Army at 21 years old and started working on construction sites doing odd jobs, clean up, framing, siding whatever I could do to learn. Just a few short months later I started managing the developing and building of my first subdivision on 139th just north of Burnside. I still drive by it from time to time. I was 22 years old and learned very quickly that the best way to manage people and processes was to create a team atmosphere. No one wanted to listen to a 22 year old tell them what to do or how to do it, but they did want the team to accomplish the goal. From that day on relationships and mutual respect mattered most to me.

After developing hundreds of lots, building hundreds of homes and completing countless remodeling jobs for other people I decided I wanted to do it on my own. I knew I would need an amazing team. The Anlon team has grown to include the best realtors, engineers, architects, office managers, controllers, project managers and sub contractors. After all this time the one thing that has not changed is my desire to create the absolute best team to accomplish the goal. Our goal is simple, do the best job we possibly can for each and every client every day, no matter how big or small the job is.

A few years ago, just after starting Anlon Construction, I met my amazing wife who helped me realize that business is about so much more than money; it is about the experience and the relationships we create along the way. I want a company that my wife, my kids and I can all be proud of. We learn something new every day and every day we try to improve. I am one of the lucky ones. I truly get to say that I love what I do.

Jenny Folk

Jenny Folk

Administrative Assistant

One of my greatest joys is being able to help others. That is why I love been an Administrative Assistant. I feel honored to be working with Mike & Nancy at Anlon. When I first met them, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be able to come and work for such an awesome company that supports my values and ethics.

I’ve been in office management for over 25 years specializing in accounting and taxes. After many years in management, I’ve learned that my true career passion is a supporting role in the office, just getting things done and being a team player.

I was born in Seoul Korea and we came to Oregon City in 1973. Oh my, how things have changed in Oregon City, all for the better. I’ve pretty much lived in Oregon City my entire life.

I’ve been married to my best friend, Allen for 27 years. Every day he still surprises me and makes me laugh. We have our 4-legged baby “Lexi” who is the joy of our life. Plus, several nieces and nephews who keeps us on our toes and brings us so much love and laughter. When not working I enjoy vacationing, especially camping in my “Playhouse” aka travel trailer. I love gardening and spending time with my family. I also enjoy cooking and doing different crafts.

I enjoy volunteering at Building Blocks 4 Kids, which is a great organization supporting local disadvantage kids in the metro area. My favorite part about volunteering is at the clothes closet for BB4K. My heart fills with joy when I can help provide new clothing to a child that has never had new clothing.

I am looking forward to learning more about the construction side at Anlon and watching our team grow to more success.

Nancy Haskin

Nancy Haskin

Operations & Custom Home Manager

I was born in Bethesda, Maryland and moved to Portland as a teenager (where I thought there might still be covered wagons!!!) and then attended Grant High School, followed by Oregon State University…Go Beavs!

I’m married to an amazing man, Scott, and have been blessed with 4 wonderful children and now one grandchild! I am one blessed gal!

I’ve been given tremendous opportunity to work in different industries throughout the years starting with assisting a fire investigator, then an office manager at an insurance agency, followed by administration at Emanuel Hospital, then in management at Nordstrom and in 1991 found my true passion, building and designing homes. Since then I’ve built many homes including 8 Street of Dreams homes. Each one of these career opportunities helped me develop important skills – organization, customer service, design knowledge and creativity – all of which are essential to success in this industry.

It gives me such satisfaction to work with clients, helping them build their dream from conception to completion. I pride myself on having great communication skills and keeping the client informed throughout the process, having many great contacts in the industry, and the ability to realize a client’s vision for their home. Being a woman and a mom, I’m able to understand how a home needs to “live,” which comes in very handy during all stages of building…offering suggestions that many builders may not think about.

Joining Anlon Construction and Custom Homes has been a great experience. We have such an awesome team that really cares about our clients, the quality we put in our homes, our relationships with our trade partners and truly, being quality people with great hearts.


Kelly McLeod

Kelly McLeod

Site Supervisor

As someone who was born and raised in the great state of Oregon, I’ve always been keen for the outdoors. I attended Rex Putnam High School and was always on my A-game in the classroom and on the sport fields (both of my parents were teachers so I really didn’t have a choice) and then later attended Oregon State University where I found a passion for graphic design, skiing and soccer (football*).

I have worked in a few fields of construction throughout my career and each opportunity taught me valuable skills such as time management, attention to detail, creativity, and how to be innovative. All of these skills are especially important when it comes to building a beautiful custom home. I am thrilled to be a part of such an amazing team – the Anlon team!

During my free time you can find me on the mountain skiing at Timberline, at a brewery enjoying some of the great microbrews that Portland has to offer, on the soccer field, or spending time with my friends, family and beautiful fiancé.